Full scale bakery in Okanagan

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Full scale bakery – offering, breads, buns, pastries, cakes, specialty cakes, cookies, pies, coffees, sandwiches and a host of other baked goods.  The business focuses on high margin retail food products and enjoys above average customer loyalty.  The company has a stringent focus on product quality and uniqueness not found anywhere else in the Okanogan.  The atmosphere and customer service is so authentic; it is hard to visit the business without walking away charmed.  The business has been established in BC for over 10 years, with a reputation that has spread beyond its regional boarders.  With the increasingly health minded consumer, the business has seen a steady increase in customers seeking their higher quality, specialty food products.  This increased demand, coupled with the tightening of operational controls in 2014 and 2015 has led to impressive unencumbered cash flows in the last three years.  The bakery has a strong and loyal customer base, serving a delicious product with an incredibly attractive margin.

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